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Can you recommend a fun, warm and engaged art teacher for a talented, out-of-the box 14 year old who loved drawing including manga?  Am open to both classes and one-on-one or small group instruction.  Thank you!! 

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There is a studio called Liv and Chiu in Berkeley that is really great for teens. I would check that out. There is also a great teen summer art program at CCA in Oakland. 

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If your child loves to draw, I can very highly recommend Doug Minkler’s art classes! His website is, and you can also find reviews on yelp. He’s very fun, kind, supportive, warm, talented, and engaging. He’s a very skilled teacher and connects easily with all kinds of kids. My kid has taken classes with him, as our schedule permits, for a few years now. Give him a call at 510-548-7119. He teaches at his studio in Berkeley.