Art Camp or Classes for High School Sophomore Next Summer in 925

One of our daughters does NOT want to go back to sleep away camp and although her twin sister is going (yay!) we will allow her this choice.  I told her that she needed to find something else to do during the summer -- that she can't just hang out.  Sorry, I'm mean that way.  Yes, she can work & may do that, which wouldn't be a bad thing at all.  But I would love to find her some kind of art camp or classes that she can take as a high school student.  She loved woodshop in middle school and was very talented at it.  We live in the Tri Valley area.  Any advice welcome!

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The Crucible in Oakland has all kinds of cool classes in things like glass-blowing and metal-working.  It’s a short walk from West Oakland BART, so she could probably get herself there and back.   

California College of the Arts has summer programs for teens. 

Also, RISD has an exceptional, intense summer art program.  Pricey but fabulous.