Are kids back on campus at Head Royce, Park Day, Redwood Day?

Could folks please share what these schools are doing, particularly for elementary school kids, in terms of in person learning?  
- Are kids back in school?  
- Is it hybrid, so families that want/need to can keep up remote learning from home?  
- Will the school stay open (for regular school days) through Nov/Dec?


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All schools that are reopening are required to have their plans posted on their websites, so you can check there if you are interested in specific schools. (That said, Head-Royce began the transition back to campus for lower grades in late October; the other two are just starting to shift back, and I believe are also starting with the youngest students.) 

Park Day is back in session for elementary school, although I have paid attention to the details, as my child is in middle school.  They hope to open for middle school in a few weeks, once allowed.  They also have detailed plans for how to accommodate students who will not attend in person for whatever family reasons (eg 360 camera in classroom, to attend remotely with the class).  Sessions are outdoors, very small groupings, 6 feet distanced, masked, and COVID testing every 2 weeks.  School is following their regular academic calendar, so will be in session through mid Dec.  Very detailed and throught out plans with lots of resources and committed follow through.  If go back to fully remote again, that experience has been well managed this year. ie very, very small cohorts so that have lots of teacher time, and connection with peers, as well as on track academically.

At Redwood Day, K-3 are back in school with plans to bring older elementary children back next week, I think (or the week after).

Right now the children are back short days, it will extend a little longer next week and then extend to full days. Aftercare will start again at the beginning of December. The school has a hybrid program going on for families so some children are still distant learning. There will be an additional week of distance learning after Thanksgiving week, but otherwise, the schedule is normal through Nov/Dec.

Hi - EB in Berkeley is now open for in-person instruction through 3rd grade full time with the option to continue with distant learning. Once a family chose distant learning they can’t switch to in-person until the following break. I believe that 4th grade and up are back but with a hybrid model (2 days in person, half group, Friday everyone is home). 
The school should stay open unless obviously Alameda county says otherwise.

Just wanted to add that Crestmont School (K-8) in Richmond Heights is open for full day in-person school. It's pretty awesome for the kids to be back together.  The kids are in pods, they learn mostly outside or on rainy/super cold days inside with all windows and doors open and fans on. They play no-touch recess games like pool noodle tag.  They have distance learning options for those who want/need to stay at home. Let me know if you want more info.