Are IEPs used at more than Public Schools?

My child is preschool age and currently has an IEP for speech services. When it comes time to enroll into Kindergarten, I’m wondering if public schools will be our only option in order to get the extra continued support from his IEP. Do charters utilize and follow IEPs? Private schools? What do I need to know when it’s time to enroll? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. 

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I believe that if in private school, the public school district still needs to private the services, same if in Charter school. Maybe the Nolo self help book about IEP can help explain more?

Hi from our experience public and public charters will abide by your IEP. Private schools are not required to but might work with you if they have the resources like a speech therapist on staff. I would definitely ask though and work under the assumption that you would have to go to a private SLP if you go to a private school. 

IEPs will follow your kid to a charter school but not private schools.  A private school might have a look at it but is not required to provide services.  They may not accept your child if they think your child's needs are more than they can handle.

Charters must abide by IEPs but private schools are not legally bound to do so.  You can enroll your child in a private school and bring them to your public school for services if you really have your heart set on a private school.

Private schools are different as they don't have to follow the IEP and don't have to provide a speech therapist. I have a friend that has a daughter with Dylexia and her or $$$ private school could not provide the help she needed nor were they obligated to. Saying that different schools offer different things so this would be a conversation for an initial meeting.

Just to clarify on what others have said, you CANNOT get services through your local public school if your child is enrolled in a private school (unless your child is still in preschool). If they’re in K or higher and you choose private you forfeit your right to public services (although you could potentially get some from regional center depending on your child’s issues). We have been through this with our daughter so I’m speaking from experience. Charter schools do have to adhere to your IEP but not all charters have the resources to provide every service so you would really need to find out the details from the individual charters.