Architecture Class?

I have a 9-year-old with a budding interest in architecture. If you've encountered any online resources or virtual camps with an architecture theme - or if you can recommend a class that helps foster technical/geometrical drawing skills - please share!  - M

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Hello fellow mom of a future architect! Here are some resources you can explore:,,

If you're looking for lessons in technical drawing or other specific things, my 16yo son (who has said since he was your son's age that he wanted to be an architect) is studying architecture and engineering in high school (and doing an intensive online architecture program through a college this summer), and he might be interested in setting up some lessons for your son. He has an 8yo brother, so he's good at dealing with that age and skill level, and he regularly gives one-on-one sports lessons for younger kids of all ages, so he has some teaching/leading experience and is responsible and organized. If you're interested, please msg me through BPN and I'll put him in touch with you.

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What a fun interest to explore!

This camp just came up on one of my homeschooling email lists. They’re teaching architecture/engineering/design workshops, with a nature theme. The weekly themes are below.


July 6-9 Recreational Vehicles

July 13-16 Space Pod

July 20-23 Sub-marine Habitat