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Hello, we are planning an addition to our home, as well as significant remodeling of the existing footprint. Looking for an excellent architect who can create a beautiful design for our somewhat specific needs. We'd like someone who works with 3D modeling as we are very bad at visualizing and want to make sure we understand what is being built. Any recommendations appreciated. Our home is in Albany. 

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We used for our apartment. His website has visualizations for some apartment remodels he's done.

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We added a bath and bed to our existing house in Richmond and used
markarian.kevin [at]
He is young and had all the latest 3D technology and the like
And used Troy Construction for the build.
Both were amazing and would totally recommend!

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From our own personal experience, I would go with a highly competent designer and then get a structural engineer for the structural part.  We got burned badly in the beginning by insisting on an fancy CA licensed architect, but I've found that didn't ensure that our design was truly beautiful and space use optimal.

If you are willing to go the designer + structural engineer route, which is what we ended up finally doing after the architect debacle, we worked with Kibum Kim.  He is amazing - if I had to do this allllll over again, I would work with him again in a heartbeat and also save ourselves lost time, money, many many tears from the first architect experience.

Kibum Kim -  773.354.7406

Also happy to talk more offline if you'd like.

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Alex Chiapetta ( is an excellent Berkeley based architect.  We had a wonderful experience with him designing our complete home renovation. Alex has excellent insight and creativity into how to match his client's expectations throughout the design and build process. 

I also agree with others about going with a separate structural engineer if needed.  We went with Kaveh Rad of RADCO Structural Engineering ( and he was very efficient to work with.