Architect to help plan an ADU

We are looking to build an ADU on our property. We have a license contractor and have an idea of how it would look, but would like to hire an architect to draw up plans only.

Can anyone recommend someone who could do this?

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I can recommend Jay Castle of Meshwork Planning and Design.  We are in Berkeley, working on ADU, and have hired Jay.  He's been a great communicator (even during quarantine), understands Berkeley codes, etc., and very open to collaboration with homeowners.

We used the best architect for our ADU. He was professional, super reasonable and super experienced. He has done multiple ADU’s in the east bay already so it was helpful with someone who had experience and didn’t look clueless. Highly recommend. 
his website is and he is located in Berkeley. 

good luck! 

I have worked with Erick from Innovative Construction & Design before and highly recommend him for your architectural needs. You may reach him at 510-289-5516 or email: archdrafter [at] Good luck on your project! You can let him know Elizabeth from El Cerrito referred you. 

I highly recommend Carrie Shores Diller (Inspired ADUs). We've been working with her on a plan for 750 square foot ADU and really like the design. Not sure we're going to proceed now, but she is great to work with! Juliana

CARRIE SHORES DILLER, Architect, Co-founder (carrie [at]

Serving the Greater Bay Area

Mobile  510.725.9788 (We love text messages)

Larson Shores Architecture + Interiors

1940 Union Street, Suite 22

Oakland, CA 94607

Check out the Drafting Cafe.. I used them for some basic plan drawings for a remodel. They’re great and affordable. They recently sent me a promotional email about ADUs and I remember thinking, what a great idea! They have a couple basic plans and they help u manage the entire process. Very smart!

I recommend Julie Calandra of Calandra designs for your ADU drawings. Julie helped me with landscape design more than once and also put a french drain on the east side of my home. She has done a bunch of ADUs And if I had room for one I would hire Julie to do the design in a heartbeat. She has worked in the area for decades and gets most clients by word-of-mouth referrals.

Good luck with your project!

Carrie Shores is great!

 They design a beautiful project for us and know all regulations etc

ADU's are a great idea...good luck!