apologies in advance, but - toenail fungus?

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My 16 year old has a fungal infection on his big toe, and the one next to it. Has been using vicks vapor rub religiously for over a year, with no improvement. We are trying to weigh the pros and cons of the pills v laser. Would love to hear updates from anyone that has tried either or both, re: effectiveness and cost and side effects.

Thank you!

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I solved my very similar problem with diligent applications of Kerasal.  It took a few months, but it's gone now.  

This is maybe ten years ago, but my doctor prescribed turbinafine, toenail fungus went away, hasn't come back. 10/10 would do again. I think maybe I had to do a blood draw either before or during to check liver function since sometimes that's a side effect. Never considered laser, don't know anything about it. 

Tea tree oil has also helped!

I too got a fungal infection on my nail. Unfortunately, I needed to get antibiotics and also apply a fungal cream and fungal nail polish. My nail still looks bad, but the infection seems to be gone. Hope that helps. 

I try every thing even laser not work for me, I try the pills and must have to follow the instructions that you doctor is giving, after 15 years to try everything now is gone. make sure to clean and dry Thoroughly, then apply anti fungus cream just little bit, good luck.

note: I have to do a blood test before my doctor can prescribe the pills.

Tea tree oil. Apply daily for a week or so. Used on my son years ago and it has never returned. The small bottle I bought came with a brush (just like a nail polish bottle), very easy to apply.

Podiatrist recommended a product called Clear Nails Pro+. There are many "versions" of this on the Internet but try to find that exact name. Manufacturer: Steriweb Medical, LLC.

It is a topical medication so you're not ingesting it through your whole body. Paint it on all toenails twice a day until the nails grow out. This process takes a long time (months) but IT WORKS! It's not easy, because sometimes you'll feel too tired to do this before bed, etc., but if you really want to get rid of the fungal growth, this one works.

I tried both. The pills worked momentarily. You can only die it once--it can damage your liver.The laser did nothing. Still have the problem.

I'd consult a dermatologist — you'll get better medical advice from a MD than from us :-)

A few years back I was able to get rid of my toenail fungus (also primarily on my big toe) using a product called Nonyx. I think part of the key to my success was the fact that I would gently "rough up" the surface of the nail a bit using a fine grit nail buffer (like an emery board but finer grit) before applying the product so that it could really seep into the nail. I also applied it two times per day (morning and night) and let the product air dry before putting on a sock. It did take at least 6 months if I recall correctly, but it was so worth it. I'm very sorry to hear that your poor son has been working so diligently on applying Vicks with no success! It's so nice to be able to wear sandals again. Good luck!


I once had a similar problem and also used Kerasal, which helped to some degree, but you can't always guarantee great results from OTC products at a retail store. I decided to use our family Podiatrist and he recommended "Formula 7, The Solution". The box containing product is black and red and Penitrates to the nanoparticles. He has in his office and cost me about $45. I tried a year ago and have no reoccurring fungus on my toe.

I got the fingernail fungus. I had to do 6 months of daily pills. No problems after that and no regrets. DURING the anti fungal treatment: on the bottle it says light sensitivity-they are not joking. I would burn at a drop of a hat, so lots of hats and staying out of the sun during the afternoons.

One of us in my household has toe fungus. We are trying an approach that while very tedious seems to be working. I am taking photos to show the progress. For us it is too soon to claim success. 

Consult your doctor.  Our regular Kaiser pediatrician had us send a sample of the toenail to the lab to determine what kind of fungus it was.    Over-The-counter creams each have a different active ingredient, each  effective on limited strains of fungus.  Once the specific fungus was identified, it was a game-changer.    We had been wasting a lot of money on a topical cream with an active ingredient that, as it turned out, was not effective for the identified fungus.  Which is why it hadn't worked (wasting like 6 months and some $ on useless expensive cream).  But in the end, my teen did 6 months of a prescription oral medication (after I did a ton of reading about it).    Fungus is gone, and our plan is to continue to keep up foot hygiene: Rotate shoes, air & sunshine, shoes off at home, wear clean dry socks & shoes, never have wet feet, wash every day, including between toes (as it turns out, kids don't always clean well in between toes, you have to get kind of specific), etc, continue to use a cream with the ingredient that is the most effective for the identified fungus.