AP Physics Tutor for BHS HS Senior

We are looking for a tutor in AP Physics for my daughter in 12th grade at Berkeley High. There has to be a better way than 90 minutes/night of homework her senior year. She is bright and a quick learner, just needs some help. Someone who comes to the house or relatively nearby. 

Thank you. 

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When my daughter was at Berkeley High, she struggled with both math and physics, and Daniel Mayeri came to the rescue. He was a great tutor -- my daughter said he was so much better than her actual teachers. He knows the BHS curriculum well and tutors lots of kids going there. Kind, patient, and knows what he's talking about and how to explain it. I don't know where you live, but he teaches from an office across the street from the Cal Berkeley campus, at Bancroft and Oxford. http://mayeri-education.com/