Anyone worked with Yanett Anaya at UCSF?


My husband and I plan to do IVF. We are currently with doctor Yanett Anaya at UCSF. Wondering if anyone worked with her for their feet treatment and how was their experience with doctor and UCSF? We chose UCSF because we can trust their laboratories- however not sure how detail oriented UCSF doctors are. We met with RMA and loved their open communication but we are unsure of their embryologist and labs. Any ideas?

Thank you! 

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Hi, there! Sending you all good vibes for your IVF treatment. We’ve worked with UCSF twice now, first for IVF then most recently for FET. Facilities are incredibly clean and safe. Physicians and nurses are highly competent and trustworthy. We’ve worked with Dr. Mok-Lin and her team both times. The two notes I’d give based on our experience is to be sure you schedule the financial consultation. The finance team is very difficult to get ahold of and you really have to work to get the financial transparency you deserve. And our came team both times have been more disorganized and less communicative than we would’ve liked. But when it comes to getting the job done well, they deliver. Feel free to be in touch with any other questions. Best wishes to you!