Anyone used Rebath for bath remodel?


I'd like to know if anyone has used Rebath for their bathroom remodel and whether they would recommend them? They advertise a lot on TV. Was their pricing fair for what you get? They have quoted me $15,000 for one shower replacement or around $20,000 for a complete bathroom remodel (including quartz counter top, floor, fan, new toilet, and shower, but not replacing the vanity) because they stated they offer a product no other company offers.

Their sales pitch seemed fine, but I'm nervous because I always get taken for a ride (single woman). They said their quote is guaranteed whereas other contractors may start with one quote but then increase costs as the work goes on. Also, they said they are the only company that gives a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

Also, any other company recommendations appreciated if you loved their work and price.

Thank you

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We paid $8k in labor, another $6k in materials, but this was for a small bathroom, complete remodel. (So the sink was a pedestal, no countertop). This was also 2016.

Always get multiple quotes for your specific job.

I hope this helps!

Contractors seem to be quoting very high prices right now.  $15k to replace a shower is very high!  

Go to a big box hardware store and see how much the actual fiberglass shower costs, and you will understand my point.

We got high bids, and decided to do it ourselves.  The cost difference is amazing.  There are tons of great YouTube videos that show exactly how to do the work.  If you aren’t moving around plumbing or electrical, it’s really not that hard.

Also, Granite Expo warehouse has great prices on vanities with granite tops.  They do installation for a fee, but it will be much, much less than what a contractor will charge.

Good luck!