Anyone living in Wilder Orinda?

Hi all,

My husband and I are thinking about moving to the Lamorinda area soon. I'm wondering if anyone lives in the Wilder development of new homes in Orinda? If so, what has been your experience so far - especially with respect to the management of the community and the general vibe/camaraderie?  We don't know anyone who lives there so really value any thoughts/feedback- thank you so much!

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Hi there, I don't live there yet, but am moving there in 3 weeks (we have been building a custom home there in Wilder for a few years). Would be happy to talk to you about what I know about the community, the people there, schools etc. Feel free to email me at rupabadlani [at]



This may not speak to your specific question, but I have issues with the developer of this subdivision.

The subdivision was carved out of the historic McCosker ranch, which originally extended from the town of Canyon to Orinda-Moraga. When the land that became the Wilder subdivision was sold to developers to settle the McCosker family estate, there were supposed to be "mitigations" for the surrounding community.

As an equestrian advocate, I object to the fact that the subdivision did a "bait-and-switch" on access to open space for people who ride horses,

Part of the deal was that the East Bay Regional Park District would get the McCosker parcel added to Sibley Regional Park, through which the East Bay Ridge Trail passes.  Currently the McCosker parcel is torn up for "daylighting" the creek. No one has access. There had been a plan to build a bike trail, but the Sierra Club was prepared to sue because the trail went through an area with rare plants. (Not my area of expertise.)

The developer was supposed to build an equestrian staging area so that people could haul their horse trailers in, and ride into the open space.

However, the subdivision map on file with the city of Orinda shows only a "horse drop off" point behind the Garden Center.  That's not how it works.  Horse people haul their trailer to a "staging area" where they park their trailers, ride their horses into the open space, return, and depart. 

Not only is this a deterrent to use by equestrians, there are speed bumps through the subdivision that are very unattractive for hauling a horse trailer over. It is scary for horses in a trailer, and big bumps make them more afraid until they get used to the bumping.

The existence of this purported "equestrian staging area" means that the park district is off the hook on providing equestrian access at either the "Wilcox Station" staging area above Canyon, or a connector easement from the historic Valle Vista town site, where EBMUD open space meets private land.

This is a historic ranching area.  When my kids were small, they would love to drive along Pinehurst and Canyon Road and count the cattle and horses that could be seen there.  It sucks that the real estate developer wants to make it into another soul-less 'burb.

Just sayin'.