Anyone know a great math tutor for 18-year-old son?

Our son just started a statistics class, his first college-level course, and is falling behind after a few classes. Does anyone know a good tutor who is also good with young people (including other young people!)?

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My 17 year old son, who is a senior at BHS,  is receiving math tutoring through Classroom Matters. They have a range of tutors and will match your son with someone who is right for him!

They are very responsive, helpful and conveniently located!

Good luck! 

My sons (7th and 9th grade) work with Corey Wade, who is absolutely amazing. Good with teenagers, calm, supportive, understanding. My older son has worked with him 4 years, I often sit in on the sessions and he explains things so well and is the best math teacher I could ask for. Coreywade [at]

Hi - I have a recommendation for a math tutor. Tairi Nishizawa (tairi.nishizawa [at] tutors in all math topics up through calculus, as well as chemistry and physics. (Unfortunately for your question, he doesn't teach AP Statistics. But thought I'd post in case you have other tutoring needs and since others may benefit.) Tairi's been tutoring my 14 year old BHS freshman and it has been super helpful. He is an excellent tutor and a really nice guy.

I can strongly recommend Oliver Miller (pinderbush [at] He tutored my son in AP Calculus and Math 3. He is kind and an excellent teacher.