Anyone have a two-stage heat pump?

Would you be willing to let us come check it out? We are electrifying our house and will be installing a heat pump, but our contractor is encouraging us to get a variable speed heat pump (which is more $$ and seems like it might be overkill for Berkeley climate). Would be great to hear about a two-stage pump in action first. I hear they are louder but don’t know how loud that is. 

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If you're interested in seeing a variable speed ductless minisplit heat pump system (Mitsubishi), let me know. We had it installed in August 2021 by Electrify My Home (highly recommended). Variable speed is definitely not "overkill" in our climate - it's more about operational efficiency. Single stage and two-stage "old school" systems have a much larger footprint and are much louder. What is overkill is having a backup furnace - which one of the contractors we got a bid from recommended! I actually think variable speed makes the most sense for our climate because our climate is so mild. We don't deal with extreme temperatures so the variable speed can turn on just a little bit to warm or cool the house. Single phase go from 0-100% when they turn on, and two-stage are only a little more efficient. Here's a good article explaining it