Dunn School in Los Olivos, or other boarding schools for LDs?

We have a 15 year old daughter who was recently diagnosed as dyslexic. She struggled through her freshman year at the public high school. She decided in May that she would like to go away to boarding school for her sophomore year. We started the process of looking for the right school for her very late in the game unfortunately. We hired an educational consultant who quite honestly has not been overly helpful. Dunn School has been recommended to us. Since they are not in session this summer, it is difficult to get a real feel for the vibe of the school.  We are also open to any other schools anywhere else in the country with good programs for dyslexic kids. 

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Hi- I'm sorry I can't offer any specific information about Dunn school, but.... my son just got back from Boy Scout camp and saw a boy from his troop who hasn't been to meetings this year. Turns out he now goes to Dunn school. I'm not sure if he has LDs but he's sensitive and has been bullied in the past. He talked to my son and apparently had a terrible freshman year at Acalanes HS (we're in Lafayette) and is very happy at Dunn.  Kind of wished I'd known about it a couple of years ago, might have been option for my son at the time.  Best of luck to you and your daughter- it's hard to find the right HS fit out there for our LD kids! 

My son will be a sophomore at Dunn this fall and also attended the summer academy a few years back.  The Learning Strategies Program has made the difference in restoring my son's confidence and after some painful years in middle school.  The small class size allows for the students to get the individualized attention that students with learning differences need.  If you are willing to make the drive, their summer program is in full swing right now and while not the same as the regular school population, will give provide some sense of what it's like with people about.

Happy to expand if you'd more information offline.