Anyone connected to Little Elephants Montessori School?

Hi Parents!

This is my first post on BPN. We're so excited to be joining this wonderful parent community!

Does anyone have any connections to Little Elephants Montessori School? I've emailed and left a follow up voicemail but haven't received a response. We would love to apply for the upcoming school year but had a couple of questions first.  Does anyone know if they're still open and the best way to get in touch with them? 



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Both of my kids went to Little Elephant and we had a great experience there.  After seeing your  message, I contacted Little Elephant Montessori and I believe they have now replied to your email. They are open and accepting applications for the 2021 school year.

Hi Shaifaili - my two daughters are at Little Elephant Too! here in Berkeley, and both that and the Rockridge campus are definitely open!