Any Wordpress gurus out there?

I’ve started a travel blog and am struggling with the Wordpress learning curve. Looking for a few hours of tutelage (paid, of course) to get me over the hump. 


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Hi Steve,

I too have struggled with Wordpress. It's supposed to be easy but I always got stuck. Then, I found Gillian L. She's a graphic designer and tutor on Wyzant, a website that offers online tutoring. I've met with Gillian about five times online. She's excellent at Wordpress blogs. I have a website that used Wordpress and she's been able to help me with it. She's got a great sense of humor and is really fun. After a few sessions, I could start doing all the things I had wanted to do with the blog. We schedule sessions and communicate through Wyzant,  but we meet on zoom and use screen share of my screen. She can see my blog and then help instruct me on how to make changes to it. Good luck!

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I built my own website using Wordpress… pretty intuitive once you figure out how to start. Playing with templates and formatting can be a bit tricky but I can definitely get you started if need be.

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Hey Steve, I would suggest getting a “theme” that is user friendly. Also, look for help on the app “Fiverr” for help like this. If it is too hard, maybe ditch Wordpress and try a GoDaddy host site instead. Good luck!