Any reviews of the Summer Institute for the Gifted at UC Berkeley?

Greetings, amazing BPN community,

For the first time, my 7th grade daughter is interested in trying out a more academic camp this summer, with either a focus on math, French, or possibly a literature/humanities course. She is interested in applying to ATDP, but in our research, we also found the Summer Institute for the Gifted that runs academic summer programs across the country, including at UC Berkeley. While the online information is compelling, it's very difficult to find any reviews from parents about their child's experience with any of their programs (which raises red flags for me). I couldn't find anything in our super helpful BPN archives either (more red flags). We'd be interested in the commuter option that runs from 8:30 - to 5:30 pm. We're hoping that there are BPN'ers who would be willing to share their experiences as staff or parents of participants (positive or negative) before we invest a significant amount into a single three-week experience. If you'd like to PM, feel free to do that as well. Thank you in advance!

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My kids, ages 5 and 8 at the time, did the half-day program in Princeton, NJ. They had a good experience. I think it was positive to be in a group of similarly curious peers and at their age, the half day offered a good balance between academics and type for other summer activities. I would send them to a SIG program again, even though it is pricey.