Any reviews for Miriam Gross LCSW or David Green LCSW?

Hello BPN,

Our pediatrician recently recommended Miriam Gross and David Green for our tween child, but the only reviews are from 2004. I would love some feedback before we proceed. What was your experience with them? Were they helpful? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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Our pediatrician at the time, (Dr. B.K), recommended Dr. Philip Gross, a child psychiatrist.  Dr. Gross seemed good, and saw my child a couple times.  But it was a sort of policy that the parents see Miriam Gross (spouse) each time while Dr. Gross saw the child.  After Dr. Gross released my child, Miriam suggested my husband and I continue to see her.  Without going into details, it was a bad experience.  Dr. Gross was fine.  Miriam Gross, not so much.  I hope you ask for recommendations for other therapists from the ever helpful BPN community, and that you possibly speak to a few of them--call them and talk to them for 10 minutes. 

We as parents saw Dr. Gross on the recommendation of our pediatrician when our daughter was 5.  She was nice enough but her advice was basically to talk to our daughter to make a plan for times that were problematic.  Eg for school pickup ask her what plan she would like to make to avoid the tantrums.  Her plan was pickup her only, without her sister, and take her to get ice cream.  Similarly for bedtime our daughter thought a good plan was let her stay up as late as she wanted watching TV.  I was not surprised that my 5 year old wanted to do these things, but obviously they are not practical! Dr. Gross didn't have any additional suggestions.  We ended up finding a much more effective counselor through UCSF. 

My son saw David Green a couple of years ago. My son was very reticent at first but quickly warmed to David. He helped us a lot, though I think some of my sons issues were resolved by getting older and learning to know himself more.

Miriam Gross suggested that I see her simultaneously which I agreed to. It did help me but I have to say I was turned off after a while with her focus on my role in our struggles. I understand that but her approach irritated me after a while. Maybe I was too sensitive or maybe I just felt alone since I am my child’s only parent. 
I definitely recommend them since they did help us, but I stopped going and my son continued for a while longer. 
David did help me with written documentation of his work with my son that was helpful to suit to the school.

My daughter saw them several years ago and i was not impressed. Not awful but nothing earth shattering either. I would keep searching!

My family had a wonderful experience working with Miriam before she started working with David Green and I can highly recommend her and the model they use to help children and parents work together to address issues. Miriam is thoughtful, smart and practical and she really cares about helping families. She is also excellent at collaborating with other care providers, which is part of the model she uses where she works primarily with the parent while her partner (when we worked with her it was her late husband Phil Gross) works primarily with the child. Although I can't comment on David Green, I know that in continuing her practice after Phil passed away she was very careful to pick a new partner who matched the approach she and Phil had so much success with.