Any reco for landscape builder that knows permaculture

We are taking out our lawn and looking for someone who can help design/build a small yard using permaculture principles. We have some ideas and a rough plan, and seeking someone who can refine the design and improve it to make it more sustainable (including thinking about rain catchments, etc) .  Have you worked with a great landscape builder who can help build a sustainable and waterwise garden that you recommend? 

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Yes, Chris Schein has literally written the book on permaculture and is a local legend. He’s great and has done some work on our yard.

+1 (510) 368-2811

He may need more than one outreach to get back to you, but is worth it when he does - supremely knowledgeable and kind. 

I don't know that they do permaculture per se, but these folks do some great work -- Farmscape.

We are re-doing our yard space now with Paul and he's been great. Really thoughtful about sustainability and thinking through a grey water system, compost, etc.

Good luck with your yard!