A Step Ahead Preschool in Oakland

Hi, my husband and I both recently visited A Step Ahead Preschool and we had different impressions of the school, so are not able to decide whether it would be a good fit for our daughter who's almost 3. Are there any current or recent parents who would be willing to chat on the phone about their experiences there? 

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Hi, Mom happy to talk with you. Our daughter is 2.5 and has been there since November. DM me. 

Hi, I'm a very satisfied parent whose child has been at A Step Ahead for the last two years (since she was 3 when we moved to the neighborhood). Our daughter loves the school and is now fluent in Spanish. Ms. Julia is well-organized and responsive; the teachers she hires are loving care givers. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the school. Sorry it took me a few days to respond, as I had to wait for the BPN moderators to accept my account.