Any reasonable Family Dentist that actually takes Aetna?

Hello all, 

We are really struggling to find any dentist for our kids that actually takes Aetna, which is our health insurance covered by my husband's work. At this point, we're willing to go anywhere in the East Bay - but prefer Oakland or Berkeley. Any tips or advice?

All posts on this question were several years old, and recommended folks on those replies no longer show up in the Aetna listings. Any tips welcome!


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I have Aetna insurance and just recently went to Redwood Pediatric, it was fully covered. 

Try Redwood pediatric dentistry. I called around and searched for months to try and find an in network dentist. They take insurance and are truly amazing with kids. 

Following, I am also having the same issue. 

We go to Cortese Dental in Albany and have Aetna. They are a small family practice and we've had only great experiences there!


Thanks for the suggestions!