Any group exercise classes between 8:30 and 11AM on weekday mornings?

Hello- can anyone recommend a group exercise class that meets on weekday mornings between the hours of 8:30 and 11:00AM?  I'm looking for some type of strength training and cardio exercise, and do best in a class setting, but everything I've found meets either in the early morning or evening hours, when I don't have childcare.  I'm willing to go pretty much anywhere in the East Bay if I can find the right classes or studio.  Thank you!

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The Dailey Method has classes during the time frame you're looking for with studios in Berkeley and Piedmont.  The "interval" and "fusion" classes both have a cardio component; the regular barre class does not (just strength).  They also have cycle classes which I assume are cardio intense, but I haven't done those.  I like the classes and have definitely built muscle (arms, quads and abs in particular) since I started. The instructors vary in terms of style but all adhere to the same basic philosophy/regimen. I have my favorites, but I think it's good to change it up anyway.  Another good thing is that it is easy to schedule using their app and you can cancel if something comes up, as close as an hour before the start of class, for most classes.  

I just started working out at 9Round, a kickboxing-based circuit training gym in Emeryville.  It just opened a few months ago. Circuits start every three minutes and a trainer is always on hand to guide you through an intense half hour of exercise.  The gym is closed between 1:30-4pm, but you can drop in and work out mornings and evenings.  It is a small, but very welcoming and professional space.  It is also more affordable than Orange Theory, and other similar programs.  I am four classes in and I love it.  

I really enjoyed working out with Lift and Sprint this past summer.  They meet behind the library in Kensington at 9:30AM on Weds.  It is a great workout and the classes are small enough that they will accommodate you at whatever level of fitness you are.  It is also nice to get outside! I am taking a hiatus right now because I'm pregnant, but looking forward to going back post-partum!

Check out Hipline on Lakeshore for their dance classes or dance/lifting “power” pop classes. Very relaxed environment for dance- varying abilities, ages, bodies- Choreographers stay up front and you just follow and do what they do. You might even have a moment imagining you’re a back-up dancer for Beyoncé.

I love Lift and Sprint, and they have a 9:30 am class in Kensington Monday - Friday. Their workouts are outdoors - rain or shine - which I find much more motivating than going to a gym. They offer a free week, so you could try them out and see if their classes are a good fit for you before making the commitment. 

I don’t know off the top of my head a good workout, but I do know of an app that makes it super easy to find workouts at the times you need. It’s called Mind Body and I have found that most studios in the area have their classes uploaded in the app. It makes it easy to search by time, type and location. I have also found facialsts on the app. I found my go-to studio ‘Vita’ on College using the app. 

Try Happy Hour Fitness on Solano Ave in north Berkeley. I believe the current schedule includes spinning at 9:00 Tuesdays and various whole-body workouts Mon-Wed at 10:15 and Thurs at 9:00. I also prefer these hours and I love every class I've taken there - the instructors are great and the workouts are always varied. 

Crufit in Montclair! Mia Honore (the owner) runs TRX classes at 9am Mon, Weds & Fri. Great blend of strength & cardio for a whole body workout. I love the group too - low key & supportive.

Hi! Not sure from your post whether you're a mom, dad, or neither, but in case you're a mom you might want to check out No Excuse Mom. There are many chapters in the Bay Area who offer regular workouts that you can bring your little one to (or not if you'd rather work out on your own). Classes are free and super fun. I'm part of the San Leandro/San Lorenzo group and we meet Sunday, Monday and Friday morning and every other Wednesday afternoon. You can check out the group on facebook -- just look for No Excuse Mom.

Zumba at flying studios Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30? In Oakland.
I go to the evening class (Wed) by the Tuesday teacher and it's great. The Thursday teacher sometimes subs for her and is also a lot of fun.
It's a wonderful community.

X-Core Studio in Oakland often has classes at

those times during the week.

They offer a 40 minute Pilates class then which I find to be effective and efficient. 

Try Hipline! I'm looking into Ride Oakland and CRUfit but can't vouch for them.

Hi! Check out fit4mom 510. 

The ice chamber has a great class from 9-945 every weekday morning. It is located near pt Isabel in Richmond. 

Contact me for details but I highly recommend it!


gretchen_davidson [at]

Fuse Fitness on San Pablo Ave in Albany, if you like interval training, is great.

Hip-hop dance class at New Style Motherlode - E.12th right at Lake Merritt.

9:30 a.m. M, W, F, Sat and lots of moms there.  Love the teacher Corey Action!

Hi - Albany YMCA and I'm sure Berkeley and Oakland Y's as well.I know Albany schedule as I go there during those times: Stepclass 9:40 Monday, Core circuit 9:15 Tuesday, Step & Strength 9:40 Wednesday, Bombay Jam 9:15 Thursday, Nia 9:45 Friday. Albany YMCA 921 Kains Avenue Albany 510-525-1130

Have Fun! Berkeley and Oakland YMCA's should have classes all day, too.

The YMCA! They have free drop in childcare and classes included with membership. We go to the Richmond hilltop branch and are very happy. My 20month old and I go almost every day:)

The Albany Y has a step-&-strength class at 9 a.m. twice a week, as well as lots of other choices on different days and times.  Members can use any YMCA in the area, so look through the schedules at different locations to see what works, and join the branch that you plan to use most.  Note that through the month of January, they are waiving the usual joining fee.  You can visit once for free. They also offer reasonably priced on-site child care (limited hours, though) if you find there's a class you really want to attend when you have the kids.