Any good services in public middle schools for dyslexic children?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if any public middle schools in Alameda, Albany, Berkeley  and charter schools in Oakland are providing the right services and accommodation for dyslexic children, such as subscriptions to learning ally or multisensory structure language teaching (Orton-Gillingham Approach, Wilson approach, Lindamood Bell, etc).  Would you please share your experiences with your school?


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 I do know that from experience you have to constantly fight for what you want in the schools otherwise they will not support you. If they say no to something keep going back until they say yes. 

Many  Schools do not have the funding or the staffing to provide the services but just keep fighting for what you want. 

 Also try looking on Facebook for support groups as there are many here in California. 

 Good luck 

At King Middle School, and, from what I have heard at the other Berkeley Unified Middle Schools, there is NO structured  multisensory approach, which is a crying shame. More then that, there has been much active discouragement of getting help for dyslexic students.