Any experience with HRT for trans teen?

My nonbinary trans teen is going to start HRT soon. Any experience with this? Tell me your stories. Mood swings? other issues?

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My teen has been on HRT for perhaps two years. I don't think the moods are any different for him than if he was experiencing the other hormone his body would have produced naturally. Best of luck.

 I provide gender affirming hormone therapy for teens, and most teens are very satisfied with it.  I haven’t had to take anyone off or even lower their dose because of mood issues.   Thank you for supporting your kid! 

My born female child went on HRT (testosterone) at 15/16 and did experience mood swings but I'm not sure if that was actually related to the HRT or not. 

I'm responding to tell you that he/she decided to stop the HRT around 8 months ago after around 2 years of taking it.

He/she has recently expressed a desire to be a girl again. (with absolutely no pushing from parents)

At 17 he wanted top surgery and I considered it because of all the persuasions of many people including doctors, psychiatrists and therapists.  Thank God that my insurance would not cover it until he was 18.  And thank God he never ended up pushing for it when he turned 18.

Please be aware that kids change their minds.