Any experience with GI’s at SEBMF or GI Associates of East Bay?

I would love info about any fairly recent experiences with MD’s at either of these practices. I have been referred by my Primary MD for a colonoscopy and I can find few reviews for doctors at either place. Drs. Silpa, Cheng, Berjis, Hosseini , Narayan and Higa are the MD’s at GI Associates. Thanks so much!

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I've been consulting with Dr Higa at GI Associates recently and she's fantastic. Very focused, attentive, clear, and easy to talk to. Most consults are on Zoom, but I also had a colonoscopy at her office which went very well. I highly recommend her and the practice. 

Dr. Narayan has perormed two colonoscopies on me over the past years. Everything went according to plan, which is about all one can say for such an embarasing procedure.

Dr. Silpa is a gem!  He has been treating my husband for chronic inflammatory bowel disease for almost thirty years.  We're talking about a colonoscopy every year or two for decades.  Thirty years ago, they didn't routinely put people under for colonoscopies, and my husband immediately noticed how much less it hurt when Dr. Silpa performed the procedure compared to other doctors. Some years ago Dr. Silpa set up a whole separate clinic where spends several days a week just performing colonoscopies -- he's as experienced and skilled at the procedure as it is possible to be.  

I'll add that we had a bad scare 20+ years ago that turned out to be nothing, and what I appreciated so much was Dr. Silpa's honesty with us throughout the process of figuring out what was going on.  He took the time to explain everything and answer all our questions, and was completely open about the fact that the results were confusing to him.  His bedside manner might sometimes be a little gruff but I trust him completely.