Any experience with Desiree's Wonderschool / Desiree's Daycare?

Does anyone have experience with sending their child to Desiree's Wonderschool (it also seems to be known as Desiree's Daycare)? It seems like a great facility but I haven't seen any reviews, and would love to hear firsthand experiences. Thanks!

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Unfortunately, we had a very negative experience with this care provider.  I arrived early to pick up my child on the third day she was there and I never took her back.

Due to serious health and safety violations, we immediately withdrew our 6 month old child:

  • sleeping on a pillow in the crib (risk of SIDS)
  • stuffed animal in the crib (risk of SIDS)
  • sleeping behind a closed door with no adult supervision or video(risk of SIDS) while there was a sound machine in the room and music outside- making it impossible to hear a child in the room
  • another child sleeping in a restraining car seat (risk of SIDS/strangulation)
  • Lack of proper food consumption (three days of leftover food that had been premeasured for her consumption and sent from home) and demonstrated dehydration (yellow urine in diaper)

We asked to be refunded the remainder of the month after less than a week of time with our child in her care and she refused. After multiple attempts, she will not respond or send our deposit or tuition to us. 

I strongly recommend against placing your child there.

We’ve been with Desiree’s since March 2019 with our little one Kazuo (~18 months). She’s provided a loving and safe environment and our kid is super happy. They have outside time most days and get good exercise during the day.  The size is small and intimate and the little crew of toddlers is quite awesome to observe.  We have not observed any of the issues below regarding dehydration or improper food consumption - our toddler is always well fed and hydrated upon pick up.