Any current Chabot, Hillcrest, Peralta or BUSD Southeast (Emerson, Le Conte, John Muir, Malcolm X) parents?


My family and I are thinking of relocating back to the Bay Area from LA this coming summer and would need to enroll our daughter in 1st grade come Fall 2018. Can any current OUSD parents, particularly at Chabot, Hillcrest, or Peralta, or BUSD parents, particularly at Emerson, Le Conte; John Muir, or Malcolm X) share your and your child's experience? 

Thanks so much! 

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Be aware that OUSD enrollment for the fall is already underway, and Hillcrest and Peralta are unlikely to have space for a first grader. Chabot might since it is larger and seats turn over more often. (Once you move into a neighborhood you do bump above non-neighbors on the waiting list, but that only helps if there are spots to begin with.) I don't know what your odds would be for BUSD schools, although I believe the language immersion program at LeConte is in high demand and would likely be full as well.

We're in our 10th year at Peralta and it's been the most amazing experience, notwithstanding what is true for all public schools, which is that parents are tasked with a high degree of seemingly endless fundraising.  Peralta is arts-oriented and it permeates most instruction, which has been great for our kids.  The community is small and welcoming, the teachers are excellent, administration is new but so far great.  I can't say enough good things, it's just unique and special.  It's true that there is always a wait list, so I would talk to the principal to see if she knows whether there will be 1st grade spots next year.  I've been surprised by the number of new kids year to year, so there must be turnover.  Good luck.

My 3 children have attended Emerson Elementary School and we have loved it! It is a small school, supportive, dedicated and collaborative teachers, and excellent administrator, and a wonderful after school program. I feel incredibly lucky that my children ended up at Emerson.  That said, I also know parents and kids at Malcolm X, Le Conte and John Muir who have been similarly pleased.