Any current ABS parents?

Are there any current parents at Au Beau Sejour French Preschool who can speak to their experience at this school? How is the location? Impressions of the teacher and director?

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Our two year old began attending ABS at the beginning of December, so we have a three week view of his experience there, but I must say he's really had a wonderful time at the program. Currently it's a mixed-age program as it's small while they enroll more students, but the director and teacher have been fantastic with him and have helped him immensely get situated and really feel at home. A couple things we have really been happy with:

1) The founder, Coralie, is really on the ball and has designed a great curriculum and program of mixed play and structure: our son does yoga and participates in structured physical events outside, but also has plenty of free-play to play with the many items inside (he loves the plastic drills and kitchen area).

2) The meals are really great, including french food - I'm more than a little jealous of some of the food that he eats, such as the Salmon Pasta with a cream sauce.

3) They sing songs a lot, and he's really taken to them.

4) The school had a wonderful holiday party where the children sang songs in french for the families and we had a pot luck - it really was a really nice way of having us feel at home as a community.

Again, it's only been 3 weeks but we, and most importantly our son, are very happy with ABS!