Anxiety Class/Workshop for 12yo with anxiety

I have a son who has anxiety and fears which leads to him feeling bad.  I would like to help him learn some coping skills for his anxiety. He worries a great deal.  The "what if's?" are a big part of his thought process.  It makes me so sad.  I really want to help him.  I think with some tools he could really improve Does anyone know of any classes/workshops that teach coping skills for anxiety and fear for kids?  We live in Lafayette.  My son is 12 years old.  Or does anyone have an advice on how to help my son?  Would a meditation class help or yoga?  Any recommendations for kids classes here too.  Thanks for any help you can provide. 

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Dear Parent, 

My son went through a period of anxiety in elementary school. We had good success using a self-help program called Turnaround - Turning Fear into Freedom. It is here:

It consists of a workbook they complete and a series of characters acting out scenarios on the CDs. There is a parent CD too. I see they also have an online version now. My son liked the stories and the characters and liked working through at his own pace in an independent fashion. The program helps the child identify anxiety and how it affects them and then provides strategies for minimizing it's impact.

We went from daily anxiety attacks to occasional ones and my son also gained confidence in himself.

I highly recommend trying this program if your child is willing to work through it. There are drugs too, but I would try this first!


Mom of mostly anxiety-free child!

My 19 year old daughter suffers from anxiety and on medication. Not sure if you have thought to go this route.  She is also in therapy with Bay Area Children Association in Oakland and has done well there so not sure if you are doing therapy yet, but it will help him and the rest of the family.  Yoga would also help.  Any form of exercise helps a person with anxiety.  Just remember to listen and not try to fix everything for him.  You can be there to listen, hold his hand, and gently push, but be very gentle.  Start reading on anxiety, there are many on line articles and they help.  As for the what if's, - part of this is being 12 and part is the anxiety.  When he get's in his head, take him for a walk, get him out of his everyday world.  Ask him if he wants to talk, but do it away from the house.  Don't create bad energy in the house.  Anxiety can go into a panic attack very quickly so getting him outside away from the house really helps.  Even if he does not want to go, make him go, tell him you need the walk and the company.  Share with him your day, get him thinking outside the box.  Find out his interests and expand on them.  I hope this helps. Just love him.  Give him time and space.  I know what you are going through, it's hard and sad.