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I just purchased a beautiful antique wooden bench but it needs a bit of TLC. If you know of a company or have info on someone that would be able to restore its good looks, you please let me know. Thank you 

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I know a wonderful man, Juan, who was able to restore my original baseboards and hardwood flooring and did an amazing job. His name is Juan Suarez. His phone is (510) 302-8733. Great guy. Does all kinds of great work in house and yard, really, cleans up immaculately, and takes great pride in his work.

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If it is a valuable antique, such as an antique chair from the mid 1800s, it will have more value if it still has its original finish.  So you don't want to have it stripped and refinished in that case. But otherwise, if it's not the original finish, or it's been painted, or it needs to be repaired, I can recommend Acorn Restoration in Emeryville/Oakland acornrestoration [at] I recommended them a couple years ago on BPN too. Recently I took them a mid-century maple ladies' desk that belonged to my mother, that she had painted avocado green in the '60s, and then orange in the '70s, and had let several cigarettes burn down on it!  They stripped off all the paint and sanded out the burn holes and refinished it to its original wood and it is so gorgeous now!