Antidepressants and teen development

My 15 year old has been taking 10 mgs Prozac for about a year for anxiety and depression. It has helped her tremendously. She was having panic attacks a few times a week and now has them every few months. She often missed school due to anxiety and now she goes regularly and is doing well. She navigates through the world with much more joy and is so very much easier to be around. However, recently she mentioned to me that she has not had any crushes since she's been on medication. Before she had frequent crushes. Today I heard an episode of Fresh Air in which the speaker talked about SSRI medications being libido killers. I haven't directly asked my daughter whether her solo sexual response has changed but I'm concerned that her sexual feelings are dampened during the teen years when one should be developing a sense of one's sexual self. On the other hand this medication has truly helped her function and feel good in the world. Any thoughts on this from parents of teens on medications or people who were on medication in your teens? Thanks for your insights!

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My 20 year old is taking 200 mgs of Prozac for 3 types of anxiety and depression.  She has been taking this dosage for approximately 2 years and it has not affected her.  In fact, she has an additional medication for panic attacks that she has not taken in the past 3 months.  She has regular therapy and navigates through the world very well.  She is in her 2nd year at SFSU, has a 20+ hr job and a boyfriend along with spending time with other friends and family.  She is sexually active now.  She remained a virgin until recently by her own choice and it had nothing to do with her libido.  Open the lines of communication with your daughter.  The sooner you do it, the easier it will be when she is older to speak with you about these things.  

I'm thinking that it may be a sign of good mental health that she isn't having frequent crushes. Although it is totally normal to have crushes as a teen, intense attractions to people you don't know all that well can also be tangled up with anxiety and insecurity.  The best romantic interests start as friendships - maybe that's the direction she's going.  Also, from personal experience with SSRI's, they do inhibit sexual response for the first few months, but it is temporary.

My daughter began taking 10 mg of Prozac at about your daughter’s age. After a year I was advised to get a second opinion so I took her to another psychiatrist who prescribed her Wellbutrin. First 150mg and as her depression intensified Wellbutrin was increased to 300mg along with two other meds. It’s my understanding that Wellbutrin does not negatively impact libido. I heard the same program so I can relate to your concerns. Best wishes on your journey.