Anal Fissure and Tag

Horrible chronic anal fissure and swollen external tag. Requesting your recommendations for healing this and for local colorectal surgeon or proctologist to treat. Thanks!

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Dr. Poornima Vanguri is a colorectal surgeon in walnut creek. She did some work for me, and I was very happy. (925)274-9000

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I know that hurts!

Dr.,Laurence Yee in SF helped me with same. Worth the drive. Good luck.

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Hi, My husband had suffered with this for a few years. He has recently been seeing Lawrence Yee, MD who we believe finally fixed his problems through surgery. My husband highly recommends Dr. Yee. San Francisco Surgical | General Surgery, Colorectal, Laparoscopic and Endocrine (

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My heart goes out to you!  Awful problem.

Unfortunately, the colorectal surgeon who (literally) saved my life, Dr. Samuel Oomen, retired last year.

But his partners on Lennon Lane in Walnut Creek are still in business.  This surgeon gets high reviews on Yelp:

Dr. Brian J. McGuinness, MD, FACS - Colon and Rectal Surgery

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Dr. Rupert Horoupian is a general surgeon but he does anal fissures and tags. Not sure where you're located, but he's in Oakland and Berkeley.