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Any recommendations on good residential homes -- preferably Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Kensington or Richmond -- with a memory care unit for an elderly woman (aka "Mom") with moderate Alzheimer's?  Our family is conducting a multi-state search (three daughters, three states) and I'd like to investigate what's available locally.  We want to place her somewhere where there's lots of social interaction with both residents and staff, and where the care philosophy is one of contented dementia. Our mother doesn't qualify for Medicare, so we will be private paying, and are looking at facilities in the $6,000-8,000 / month price range for a private room (and including skilled nursing and other services that might count as add-ons).  Thank you for any recommendations!

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You know what, you should call this organization called A Place For Mom. They are a free service and they hook you up with several options based on your specific needs -- like a matchmaker for eldercare. I've been coordinating with them on behalf of my mom and they know ALL the places. I would call rather than trying to go through their online form, that's a much more efficient process.

My family has had experience with two such facilities, Bayside Park and Lakeside Park.  They are run by the same company, but I believe that the owner has changed so you will need to check them out carefully.  We had some glitches with them but if I had memory issues and needed to be in a residential facility, I'd still pick them.  Bayside is larger and tends to have a more independent population, but they have a floor for residents with more serious cognitive problems.  The Lakeside facility is smaller and the residents tend to be more impaired.

I strongly recommend you investigate Tara Hills Care Home in Pinole. Very small (6 beds?), personal care, really wonderful people. Looked after my mother during an incredibly difficult time. Not sure what their prices are now, but they were quite affordable 6-7 years ago.

Contact me if you require more information.

I looked closely at Salem Lutheran Home in Oakland, but I see they are now: Pacifica Sr. Living ( When it was Salem, I was VERY impressed with their Memory Care section for my Mom, who I'd been caring for in my home. But the physical plant is the same; and the cursory search I did on this San Diego company Pacifica is encouraging. Good luck finding the right fit for your Mom!


I'm sorry, I've been in your shoes, so I know the challenges.  I strongly encourage you to use an absolutely fabulous resource who will assist you in your search here (locally):  Mona Lalchandani.  Website:  Read the reviews on Yelp--she is amazing and I can't recommend her highly enough!  If you're worried about cost, don't be--I guarantee you will be happily surprised.