Alternatives to Berkeley High for girl with anxiety

Hi Community,

Our daughter is in 8th year and last year was really bad. We are hoping with supports she will do ok this year but are seriously looking for alternatives for Berkeley High next year. We feel the size and the open campus downtown will be way too stressful for her. She is smart, social and creative when her anxiety is not getting in the way. We are especially interested in a possible intra District transfer to Albany High or Alameda High School, Piedmont High, Alameda Community Learning Center or others near Berkeley that are not cost prohibitive as we are not rich enough or low income enough to go private at this time. Any information on these schools, how to do a transfer, your experiences there especially for kids with high anxiety would be helpful.  

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Have you looked into Berkeley Independent Study? My daughter recently graduated from Berkeley High Independent Study Program and she loved it. It is basically homeschooling but through BUSD. Students meet with teachers in small classes or one-on-one with teachers once or twice a week (or more, depending on the class). Many students who have anxiety find that this program works really well for them. Please give it a look: