Alternative treatments/practitioners for teen anxiety

Has anyone had a positive experience with alternative treatments for anxiety? Because of my teenager's anxiety, she refuses to see a  psychiatrist, therapist or take any medication, so I would love to explore other options that might help her. 

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I've got an extremely anxious teen; it's been tough for all of us.  My list: meditation, exercise, Chinese medicine (accupuncture and herbs), yoga, horses, visiting old people, volunteering, helping others (not family!), hikes in nature.  My girl's 17; I think she'd be happy to help another anxious kid, but not be the "helpee" - too anxiety provoking!  Ask the moderator for my contact info, if you'd like.

Not certain what type of anxiety your daughter has, but our daughter has social anxiety in addition to PTSD and these are some things that have helped her:  weighted blanket for sleeping, meditation app (she uses Headspace), and pets.  Having a dog (actually two in her case) has made her much more comfortable in going outside and also in interacting with people.   Also she sleeps much better with her dogs.   

There are also CBT and DBT workbooks she could use to do some of the therapy on her own (or with your assistance).   NAMI, has a lot of resources for anxiety as well   They also offer some classes (which are being done virtually) for parents (the Basics class) as well as a more extensive family and friends class.  And offers a parent support group which could be very helpful.

And if she will see her pediatrician, possibly they could offer some other recommendations.


Alternative modalities for anxiety: exercise, meditation, forest bathing, spending time in greenspace, Any kind of exercise is good, such as walking, bike riding, lifting weights, etc. Even a little bit of meditation can help, and guided meditation is sometimes easier. Forest bathing is simply spending time in a bunch of trees. It is very easy and can be very restorative. And any kind of greenspace is good. Just reading or gardening in the backyard is good. But going on a hike is even better.