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Hello - Our 15 year old boy has been in RTC and wilderness for the past few years. He returned home in March and is doing OK - some bumps but does not warrant another stay in RTC or wilderness. Our problem right now is that because of his history (some oppositional behaviors), we are having a difficult time finding a HS for him. The district cannot offer anything appropriate, Holden has not accepted him. We are not sure to go from here. Any advice would be helpful.

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You might consider Tilden Prep. It is one on one schooling and could be just what you need for the transition period. Fusion is a similar setup. 

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You may want to consider the Floyd Marchus school in Concord. My son with similar issues attends and they are well equipped to work with him. 

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We were lucky that our child did get into an alternative school but it was close. I know many families use Fusion. I toured the on in Berkeley and met with the Director. I liked it. If you can afford it I would check it out. It’s possible if they have a positive experience and transition schools like Holden will consider him next year