"Alternative" high schools

Any suggestions for high schools (anywhere in the country) that are constructively preparing kids for a climate change world while simultaneously preparing them to be competitive for traditional college applications.  Maybe school combined with a farming curriculum?  We are curious what is out there that has really thought through revising curriculum to get kids ready for the coming economic/social/etc changes.  Thanks.

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I would suggest you look into Midland in Los Olivos, Ca. It's a boarding school with all the usual advanced classes in math, science, history, etc., but it also has a huge organic farm and horses and the goal of fostering self-sufficiency in the kids. They require all incoming 9th graders to bring their own axe with them for chopping wood! My kid is applying to a handful of boarding schools for next fall and Midland was my favorite of all that we have visited. I think he's probably hoping for the super posh Thacher or Cate, but I would prefer Midland by a large margin. I can't speak to how it actually is to attend there as we have only visited, but I can tell you I was extremely impressed with the kids there and the teachers and administration.

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look into the Putney School in Putney Vermont. I worked nearby at another school for many years. Farming, 

self-sufficiency, x-c skiing are all part of the curriculum.