Alta Bates (2nd) birth with no drugs

Hi all,

I'm due to give birth in a few months at Alta Bates, and have Dr. Radhika Madhavan as my OB. I'm looking for recent birth experiences at Alta Bates, and I'd really love some reviews of Dr. Madhavan. It'll be my second baby, and my first was a relatively easy hospital (different city) birth that was drug and complication free. I'm looking for the same, but I don't know Alta Bates, and I don't really know this doctor. Have folks had positive experiences at Alta Bates, where you got to labor as you wanted, good nurses, competent compassionate communicative doctors? Thanks!

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I gave birth at Alta Bates 8 weeks ago. I moved to the east bay midway through pregnancy so I also had to change docs and deliver at a different hospital than my 1st.

I had a great experience with Alta Bates. The nurses were very attentive and supportive throughout. Seemed like a very well oiled machine, similar to CPMC. The deliver rooms are comfortable.

You may not have Dr. Madhaven deliver your baby. Depends on who is on call at the time but it will be someone from her practice. Dr Madhaven was on call for me when I first arrived but had another doctor deliver my baby (Dr Assan). My usual OB is Dr. Jewell. All the OBs I have interacted with at that practice have been very helpful and nice.

Hope this helps.

I may be a bit biased since I'm an obgyn and I trained with Dr. Madhavan, but felt I had to reply. She is an AMAZING Doctor! I would trust her under any circumstance.  She is so thoughtful about her patients- I know this because of our work related conversations. She is highly skilled, really loves her patients and often goes the extra mile for them. She is completely supportive of natural births. I would see her myself if my insurance would let me. Best of luck in your pregnancy- I hope you have a wonderful experience and a healthy baby!

With that practice you really have no idea who will deliver your baby, unless you have a scheduled c-sec. I was in the hospital from Monday to Wednesday and never saw my regular OB because she wasn't on call. 

Alta Bates was good. If you want to labor without drug you can let the nurses know and they will try and place you with nurses that are interested in supporting that. They also have a few telemetry units, so you can walk around while laboring. 

I have been very happy with Dr. Madhavan. I have had a very complicated and stressful pregnancy. She has been there with information and support every step of the way. I had my first child with Kaiser and then my work changed insurance carriers. So when I found out I was pregnant I had to find a new doctor, and I have to say I have been happier with Dr. Madhavan than I was with my doctor at Kaiser, who was my doctor for over 5 years. 

I am set to deliver in about 8 weeks and feel I am good hands.