Alt medicine physician rec for sinus headaches in 12 yr old

I'm looking for a recommendation of an alternative medicine physician for children and if possible specializes in sinus issues as my 12 year old son seems to get headaches (not migraines) easily from sports, jumping type activities, and heat and it seems like they coincide with sinus issues and I've even noticed kind of bad breath at the same time as well. We went to an ENT referral from our doctor, but they seemed to dismiss his headache issues (they suggested that we talk to a neurologist) and prescribed steroid type treatments which is not really addressing the combination of issues and not the kind of medical treatment that I would like to use on my child. I would really appreciate a recommendation of a pediatric professional that would take a more open minded approach to the combination of these issues. Thanks!

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I wonder if you’re dismissing migraine too quickly. It’s frequently mistaken for sinus problems. In fact, stuffiness is a symptom of migraine for some people! Heat, exercise, etc..can all be triggers. Alternative approaches are critical for managing migraine.. but I’d encourage u to consider speaking w a neurologist, as well!