Alaska in winter?

I have enjoyed recent posts about traveling to Alaska and what to do. I am wondering if anyone has traveled to Alaska in February? Or it is too cold to be fun?


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Yes, pre-pandemic we went to Alaska in February to see the northern lights.  In a normal weather year, February through March is the best time to visit if you want to see northern lights.  The weather is -10'c to 20'c which isn't that bad for Alaska in the winter.  That said, during our travel their was a high pressure ridge in California which kept cold air from flowing down from Alaska and pushed nighttime temps down to -50'c, which is cold, especially when your outside to view the lights.  That said, the kids loved it and made amazing memories they cherish.  I would recommend the trip but packing for really cold weather just in case.  There is also winter equipment rentals for families that drop off at the airport when you land and pick up from there when you lease if you don't want to invest in a lot of really cold gear.

RE: Alaska in winter? ()

As my Swedish husband and parents who used to live in Alaska say- "there's no bad weather, just bad clothes". If you spend good money, like go to REI you can get very warm clothes that will keep you comfortable. Think.. the coldest day skiing in your life. But yes, Alaska is freezing in February. One year we were there it was 14 below zero. We did go sledding with our toddler but he was miserable. No fun for anyone. You can drive to glaciers or up to Denali and stay in your car, but it's very, very cold when you're outside. If you stay in a nice hotel or Airbnb, they all have heated floors, heated garages and you can turn your car on automatically from inside your house so it heats up.