Renting out our house vs. Airbnb rental

My wife and I own a two bedroom house in the Temescal area of Oakland which we have rented to others for several years. The current tenants have purchased a house and will be leaving in about two months. It has occurred to us that we might make some small repairs and upgrades, furnish it then rent it out by listing the house on the Airbnb website. Before we do, however, we would very much like to have the advice of those in the community who have taken the same or similar path and would be willing to share the benefits as well the the shortcomings of such an endeavor. Our main concerns are that we would not be able to average the same level of income from periodic rentals with Airbnb as it would probably be rented only part of each month, we would have to spend a considerable amount of money to furnish it and would have to deal with reservations, multiple visitors and perhaps calls while people are there to deal with small issues which might come up even thought the house in in very good shape. These type of calls do come up from renters but are very infrequent  We would be very grateful for any thoughts, both positive and negative. Many thanks.

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