Afterschool program for Peralta TK (at Kaiser ECE)


My son should be eligible for OUSD TK next year (2024-2025), and we are zoned for Peralta elementary.

I am debating whether we should try to send him to the Peralta TK located at Kaiser ECE. Aside from physically getting there the main issue for us is: do they offer after-school programs? My wife and I both work full time so an optional 5.30pm/6pm pickup time is a must have. I couldn't find this information elsewhere...

I realize these classes (TK for Peralta and Chabot @ Kaiser ECE) literally just opened but I'd be happy to hear some feedback from parents with children enrolled there.

Thank you

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Hi! Our littlest just started Peralta TK at Kaiser and is 3 days into aftercare there, which *does* exist (hoorah!) until 5:30pm. Information online is scant from what we could tell, but once you enroll there's much more communication via email.

You're welcome to check in with me in a few weeks if you want a more detailed assessment of what we think, but so far so ok!

My child is at Kaiser and I can confirm there is an after care program. It goes to 5:30pm.

Thank you both!

And yes @Mama Bear I will definitely check in with you in a while about what you think of the program :)