Aftercare programs with openings BUSD

We moved to Berkeley recently and enrolled our kindergartner at Cragmont. We were hoping to enroll him in the onsite aftercare program, but it’s full. :(

Does anyone know of any afterschool programs that currently have openings and pick up from Cragmont? Thanks! 

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My kindergartner goes to Live Oak Park. I think it says it's waiting list on the website, but there are a few spots. It's a city handled after school. They pick up from all the BUSD schools (I think). I know they do for Washington and Malcolm X. My son loves going there and they can use the fabulous park. Step by and ask for Daniel, the director. Good luck!

Welcome to Cragmont! It's a wonderful community.  I know that some Cragmont kids take the school bus to the JCC and to New School to attend the afterschool programs at those sites.  My child attends the JCC and loves it.  Kids at the JCC have lots of opportunity to run around as well as tons of enrichment classes.  I hear great things about New School as well but have no experience with it.