Aftercare at BUSD (TK, near or with transport to Rosa Parka)

Hi! We are still on the aftercare waitlist for BUSD LEARNS for our TK student and realize we need to start figuring out some backup options. Any recommendations for aftercare options that are close to or with transport from Rosa Parks?

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Hi.  My children are at Rosa Parks and they go the City of Berkeley program and James Kenny.  We are really happy with this option.  Kids take the bus one stop to get there.  Good Luck!

Hi! We've got two kiddos at Rosa Parks and, thought we haven't done aftercare, it's my understanding most everyone should get into Learns. With that said, we know families who've signed up for JCC and James Kinney (through the city) and both provide busing!

City of Berkeley has aftercare programs and some of them provide bussing from the elementary schools. I think I saw Rosa Parks on one of the lists. Enrollment usually starts in August. Our son has been in the Live Oak program which busses from Malcolm X (where he goes to school) and it's been great.