After school or weekend Spanish clubs or groups?

My son is entering kinder, and I'm looking to preserve my family's heritage language. He doesn't want to speak Spanish at home anymore because his friends don't speak it. I thought some kind of after school or weekend program or club in Spanish would be fun for him. Online Spanish instruction or hiring a tutor doesn't work for this need, we want to socialize him with fun activities that happen to be in Spanish. Any tips? Berkeley, Albany, or Oakland would work for us.

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Creative Spanish is an after school Spanish immersion program. They're up near Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland. We haven't done the after school portion but last summer my son did their summer camp and had a good time. Lots of fun activities and language development through social interactions and projects.

La Plazita in Oakland runs after-school programs as well as summer camps. See: and Good luck!!

Hi. This is a really good question. I currently have a 4 year old that we will be entering TK in August and we would like to also take part in Spanish clubs/groups. Besides speaking Spanish at home and only watching movies in Spanish, we have participated in the monthly virtual story time with Escuela Bilingue Internacional. It is free and you can sign up on their website. Before the pandemic, we participated as a family en Canta y Baila Conmigo in person with the class located in Oakland. Here is the link to enroll/get on the waitlist:

I wish I can provide more information. Good luck!

Bladium in alameda was offering a spanish soccer class. I can’t remember what age it starts, but it sounded great (my 2 year old isn’t old enough).

 There is also in lafayette. They offer classes, camps and outings. I haven’t done any of them but i recently signed up