After school options: Las Lomas High, Walnut Creek


I will be moving to Walnut Creek in a month's time (in the Tice Creek/ Rossmoor area). My daughter is starting High School there (9th grade). While I can drop her to Las Lomas High School every morning, I don't have a way for her to return home on her own as I will be working in SF at least 2-3 days a week. She used to take a bus back from school, where I currently live. Is there an after school pickup/ drop off service that can drop her off home from Las Lomas High School? Any other solution that folks have used? 


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Does she/would she do a sport? Most Sports meet right after school for 2-3 hours. For Las Lomas the Sports are as follows (I copied and pasted from the Las Lomas Boosters page). Notably, Cross Country in the Fall, and Swimming and Track & Field, are no-cut which means she can just sign up and start with no prior experience. It's also an awesome way to meet kids, develop friendships, and integrate into high school. 

FALL Boys Water Polo, Cheer, Cross Country, FootballGirls Golf, Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball, Girls Water PoloWINTER Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball, Girls Soccer, WrestlingSPRINGBaseballBoys Lacrosse,, Boys Tennis, Boys Volleyball, Competitive Sport Cheer, Girls Lacrosse, Softball, Swimming + Diving, Track and Field

We carpooled until my kids could drive. It’s tough to find a carpool when you just moved, but you could join the Facebook group (each class has their own) or try nextdoor to find other families that live near you.  Maybe reach out to the parent advisors for your class to see if they know anyone.