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My family is moving to Richmond and our first grader will attend Mira Vista School.  We're looking for after school programs and are having a hard time finding anything.  The free, school based program is at capacity with no availability.  We do not think Berkeley JCC will pick up at Mira Vista.  Any advice?   

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Hi, we are in the same boat with an incoming K! We enrolled him at Little Tree Montessori, which has an after school program that will pick up from Mira Vista and walk the kids to LT. Our daughter (4th) was able to get a spot at the school for this year, and I’m hopeful the program will grow as if we can end this pandemic and staffing can return to normal levels. 

Try TG Learning Center or El Cerrito Martial Arts. Both offer afterschool programs and may offer pick-up from El Cerrito schools. My daughter did taekwondo at TG and a few of her friends did their afterschool program and they are great.

I would look at Little Tree Montessori’s aftercare program, which is on Barrett Ave in El Cerrito and I believe very close to Mira Vista (they may even do after school pickup). Another option might be El Cerrito Martial Arts which also offered an after-school care program.

Our children are now grown, but they went to a family daycare near Mira Vista that also had an after school program. That could be a place to look as well.