After-care options for Glenview at Santa Fe

We're currently going through the oh-so-fun process of OUSD school options for our soon-to-be-kindergartener, and I'm hoping to pick your collective brains about Glenview school in its temporary home at Santa Fe school.  We went to the school info night and LOVED the vibe of the school, particularly its diversity.  We live in the Glenview neighborhood, and really want to be part of our neighborhood school.

The only thing giving us pause is the after-care situation:  on-site after-care is at Santa Fe while Glenview school is under construction, and getting to the Santa Fe campus by 6pm will be a challenge for us commuting parents.  We're interested in an after-care program that's closer to the Glenview neighborhood.  I'd love any reviews or advice you have on East Bay Dance Center or Dimond Rec after-school programs, or others.

For those of you who use the on-site after-care at Santa Fe, do any of you with sensitive kindergarteners have insight on the mix of kiddos from all grade levels being together after school?  I have the impression that Adventure Time is a bit chaotic, but would love to hear from folks who know first-hand.

Thank you in advance!

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We are in our ninth year at Glenview and have been using Adventure Time all these years. It's wonderful and they have been so kind and gentle with my kiddos. The first few days of Kindergarten, both my kids just hung close to the Adventure Time teachers and eventually got comfortable enough to go off an play. I can't say enough about how much I love Adventure Time at Glenview -- and my kids have a great time there.

In terms of getting there by 6pm, I would suggest you look into the East Bay Dance Center or Dimond. We have a friend who is using the East Bay Dance Center and really likes it. I don't know the details on it, however.

my son is a 1st grader at glenview and had been going to AT since kindergarten. he was a shy kindergartener, and I think AT actually helped him come out of his shell a bit by mixing with some slightly older kids. when he saw the 1st to 3rd graders around campus during the day they'd say hi and I think he felt like bigger kids were watching out for him! didn't have a problem with anyone running over him b/c he was younger. the staff do take extra care with the kindergarteners. I've been happy with the staff, how well they seem to know the kids, and the various activities they can opt in/out of. I'm glad he's gravitated towards both the sporty and crafty/arty activities. good luck - I think there are some great aftercare options whether on or off campus.

I'm also in the middle of the options process and hoping hard for Glenview (we live two blocks outside the zone and crossing every digit), but I do have an answer to your question. My daughter has been going to Lakeshore Children's Center for preschool for almost two years, and my younger daughter will join her soon, and LCC has a school-age after school program that does drop off and pick up from Glenview, even at Santa Fe (at least they currently do, I think it will hold since there are current students who will still be at Glenview). We really like LCC and one of my biggest fears is not getting into one of the schools they work with, since we know the program well and my younger daughter will also be there. It's on Lakeshore Ave and Mandana, so close to Glenview. Hope that is a helpful option!