African american adoption agencies in SF?

Hi, we're new to the berkeley parents network! We need a bit of advice: We are an african american family hoping to adopt a child between the ages 4-9.  We were wondering if there were any adoption agencies that specialize in african american/black adoptions. We've looked into PACT but they seem to do baby/infant adoptions rather than toddlers/children. Please post any suggestions! : )



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Hi, thank you for opening your heart and home to a child. We use to have black adoptions the agency was called in Oakland, but it shut down years ago. Most black families adopt children from the county. Alameda County. Sorry,  I never heard of a black adoption agency in San Francisco, if you do find one please let me know. 

Hi - There are a lot of African-American kids in the foster care system in the age bracket you identified, and some of them are eligible for adoption. I have been a foster parent through the San Francisco Human Services Agency and had a good experience. Here is their information:

-- Christopher

We’re wrapping up our second private infant adoption. I would be surprised if what you’re asking for existed. Most adoption agencies don’t work to place older children in adoptive homes, nor do they focus on one particular race. There are some agencies which specialize in “second chance” adoptions where the kids would likely be older because they are kids who were adopted and are now being relinquished by the adoptive parent because the adoption didn’t work out for whatever reason. It doesn’t happen often, but I does happen. As others have said a foster care adoption would make the most sense for a child in the age range you are interested in adopting. I’m pretty sure you can tell them you’d want to adopt a baby with a particular ethnic background.